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«Group of Industrial Technologies» (GIT) is a modern and fast growing system integrator in the field of communication and security for industrial enterprises and urban infrastructure.

Years of experience allow specialists of GIT to develop and maintain complex projects in the sector of Energy, Transport, Metallurgy and Oil and Gas industry. The successful implementation of complex projects is based on the accumulated valuable experience, as well as on the professional choice of effective solutions that are flexible to adapt to the specific needs of the industry and a particular customer.

The product range provided by GIT includes well-known European brands of high quality and reliability.

Complex solutions in the field of industrial telecomunication and security
Engineering and implementation of projects based on telecomunication equipment for industrial enterprices and urban infrastructure.

системы промышленной оперативно-диспетчерской и громкоговорящей связи  INDUSTRONIC
Industronic is a leading global manufacturer of industrial communication systems.

взрывозащищенное и всепогодное оборудование для систем контроля, управления и оповещения  MEDC
MEDC is an acknowledged leader in the field of alarm, signal, control and notification systems in industry.

промышленные и специальные телефонные аппараты, сигнальные устройства и средства оповещения  TESLA
Tesla is one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunication systems and special purpose devices (for the hearing-impaired people, test telephone sets).

hoermann  Hörmann
Hormann is an emergency alert systems manufacturer with more than half a century history.

Infratek  Infratec
InfraTec GmbH specializes in engineering and manufacturing of thermal imaging systems for automated non-contact temperature control

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